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Solar Basics
Welcome to SunSurf Solar online, a place where you can learn about solar and the range of high quality SunSurf solar products.

If this is your first time visiting SunSurf Solar online, then this page is designed as a starting place for you. It will direct you to the key areas of this site which provide easy to read information about the technology and science behind thermal solar, and details of the SC solar collectors and related product range. Please follow the links below to find out more.


What is Solar?

How does using solar help the environment?

What is an Evacuated Tube?

What is a Heat Pipe?

I don't know what insolation, IAM or absorber area are! Visit the Solar Glossary

How strong is the solar radiation (insolation)
in my area?

What size collector do I need?

How much energy can a solar collector produce?

What do SunSurf solar collectors look like installed?

I still have more questions, how do I contact SunSurf ?


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