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Summary of the development of flat-plate solar collectors from abroad

  Flat-plate solar collectors was invented back in the late 17th century, until after the 1960 real in-depth study into the practical application, it can be said that the flat-plate solar collector is the earliest history of the solar collector device. Solar water heating technology is the utilization of solar thermal technology is the most mature, the most practical application and economically with conventional energy sources to compete with a renewable energy technology.

The beginning of the 20th century, the United States first began to use solar water heater for domestic hot water. After World War II, Israel and Australia and some other countries have been carrying out research, development, production and use of solar water heaters work.

1955, the International Conference on the solar heater utilization of solar energy for the first time put forward the concept of selective coating, and the development of practical black nickel selective coating, which laid the foundation for the development of efficient collector. "Energy crisis" in 1973, formed the world's research, development and utilization of solar energy boom. The development of solar technologies and products to save conventional energy, universal attention by the governments of industrialized countries. On the research and development of solar thermal technology and product industrialization, countries have given strong support and encouragement.

1980 in the preparatory meeting of the new energy of the United Nations General Assembly, the UN panel of experts on the future development of the solar water heater gave a positive evaluation.

In 1996, the World Solar Summit held in Zimbabwe, the United Nations issued a Harare Solar Energy and Sustainable Development Declaration ", the use of solar solar energy energy research and development in the world within another boom. Many countries have formulated solar energy development plan. Such as "Million Roofs Plan" in the United States, "1000 roofs program" in Germany, Italy, the National Solar Roofs Plan ", Japan's" 70,000 Roofs Plan "and" Solar Project ". The implementation of these plans, vigorously promote the development of a world solar energy utilization: The Australian Government provides new houses in the northern part of solar water heater must be set, Western Australia for over 25% of new residential solar water heater installed; Japan now annually solar water heater installed about 500,000 households to install solar water heaters in the plan after a penetration rate of over 25%; Aeroe island of 1250 inhabitants in Denmark, Marstal solar heating plant to provide district heating


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