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SC-P01(Integrative Coiler Solar Water Heater) SC-P01(Integrative Coiler Solar Water Heater)
Products Intro:

Products Intro:

Detailed Selling Lead Description
A copper coiler with 32 meters length is installed in water storage tank as the heat exchanger. When water flows into the copper coiler, it absorbs the heat from the water in the tank, so it can bear much higher pressure, there will be a strong and more comfortable shower. And, without the tank directly transferring, the water is more clean and healthy.

1) Material:
a) Inner water tank: imported SUS304 stainless steel
b) Outer water tank: galvanized steel alloy or stainless steel
c) Bracket: galvanized steel or aluminum alloy

2) Solar vacuum tube:
a) Size: 58 x 1,800mm
b) Quantity: 20 / 24 / 30pcs
c) Hail resistance: diameter 25mm

3) Temperature insulation layer:
a) 50mm imported polyurethane, keep same temperature and high pressure foam
b) Heat preservation: 72 hours

4) Capacity: 200 / 240 / 300 liters

5) Tank diameter: 420 / 460mm

6) Max. pressure bearing: 0.6MPa

7) ISO9001 / CE certificate/EN-12975

8) 3 years' international responsibility for free repairing or exchange due to original
quality problems
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