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SC-C01(Separate Pressurized Solar Water Heater)SC-C01(Separate Pressurized Solar Water Heater)
Products Intro:

SC-C01(Separate Pressurized Solar Collector)
The pipeline is made of red copper and conducted by heat transfer medium liquid. Water cannot flow in vacuum tubes and operated when confined. The crust uses aluminum alloy mould material of high strength with air flow design. It is furnished in good style.
Can endure high pressure when it works.
Module design, optional combination, which can meet the demand of large water consumption.

* Material: Aluminum alloy

* Solar vacuum tube with heat pipe
a) Size: 58 x 1,800mm
b) Qty of tube: 15 / 20 / 25/30pcs
c) Hail resistance: diameter 25mm

* Insulation layer in chest
a) 50mm thickness imported polyurethane, machinery overall for keeping same temperature and high pressure foam
b) Heat preservation: 72 hours

* Max. pressure bearing: 0.6MPa

* ISO9001 / CE certificate/EN-12975

* 3 years international responsibility for free repairing or exchange due to original quality problems

1, Manifold : red copper
2, Manifold Casing: aluminum alloy
3, Glass tube dimensions: 58mm x 1.8m / 47mm x 1.5m
4, Heat preservation: 72hrs
5, Hail resistance: 25mm
6, max pressure: 10 bar
7, working pressure: 6 bar
8, Coating of vacuum tube: SS-C/CU
9, Heat Pipe: anti-freezing > -35°C



Solar vacuum tube with straight copper heat pipe, there is anti-freeze liquid inside as medium transfering of heat. By the design the water never Come into vacuum tube immediately so the tube will never be broken in low temperature in winter. We use this type for separate pressurized system or integrative pressurized system.
High quality of tri-elements as rose copper, stainless steel and aluminium nitride planting layers, heat absorption rate can reach more than 93%, certify enough power for hot water request.

Working Principle:
SunSurfs solar thermal collectors use fluid circulation (usually water or an antifreeze solution) to transfer the heat for direct use or storage in an insulated tank . Water/glycol has a high thermal capacity and is perfer in cold climates. The direct radiation is captured via the evacuated tubes absorbs the radiation as heat and conducts it to heat pipe then the transfer fluid in the manifold made of copper. Metal makes a good thermal conductor, especially copper and aluminium. The fluid carries away the absorbed heat, thus cooling the manifold (see fig 2 above). The warmed fluid leaving the collector is either directly stored, or else passes through a heat exchanger to warm another tank of water, or is used to heat a building directly. The temperature differential across an efficient solar collector is usually only 10 or 20°C. While a large differential may seem impressive, it is in fact an indication of a less efficient design. 



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