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Suntech has opened its first factory in the U.S.

    October 9 am Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, Suntech (NYSE: STP) said Friday that it has in the U.S. market opened its first factory.

    Suntech said the company will open a module in Arizona manufacturing facility, the plant's initial annual production capacity of 30 MW,solar heater early next year will expand to 50 MW.

    Suntech aims to present before the end of 2011 employed in this factory in more than 150 employees.

    Suntech determined in a statement, President Chen said: "We in the U.S. market on the new factory will provide a localized platform to meet U.S. and Canadian markets in the rapidly growing solar energy product energy We expect that the two markets demand in 2010 for the first time more than one billion watts, "" alone in the third quarter, we shipped to the North American market has been more than year 2009. "

    Suntech said the company plans annual production capacity of these plants increased to 120 MW, to meet the growing U.S. market demand.

    After a weak performance in 2009 onwards, the demand for solar energy equipment has been resilient this year, manufacturers are scrambling to launch contract in 2011 to absorb the supply of renewable energy systems are expected to increase.

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