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Absence of restrictions on patented technology and healthy development of LED industry

    September 22 is the "views of the semiconductor lighting energy industry" (hereinafter referred to as "Opinions") issued the first anniversary. Last September, when the global economic bottom to pick up, rallied domestic LED industry, but also the chaos gradually Health node, solar heater in this context, the Development and Reform Commission Ministry of Science, the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Housing and Urban developed jointly by six ministries, " opinion "to guide through the document in 2015, initially to solve the development of LED industry, the problems arising, solar energy to foster new economic growth point.

    While away from the "opinions" of the planned target year of 2015 there are 5 years, but the "energy" magazine recently integrated multi-industry perspective, in the past year, not only to stop the old ills far from being in local government and venture capital obsessed, LED industry is also showing a more complex image of defeat and capital project issues such as the bubble inflated.

    In early 2009, under the auspices of the Ministry of Science, 21 cities launched massive "city of ten thousand ten" project. According to Ministry of Planning, to this year, "Ten City, ten thousand," will enter the second stage, in 50 cities to build 2 million LED lights. However, correspondents found through extensive research, the project not only failed to successfully enter the second stage, even the first phase of target also embarrassing quagmire - in addition to Weifang, Chongqing and Baoding declared goal of ten thousand, the other pilot cities in the boom After the sidelines. Is important is that the subsidy from the Ministry of Finance has quietly off the source.

    To the public, the industry is more intuitive impression that multi-year support LED performance of concept stocks is very excited, in addition to the three security photovoltaic (600703.SH), Hangzhou Silan Microelectronics (24.38,0.44,1.84%) (600460.SH), Foshan Lighting (17.78,0.59,3.43%) (000541.SZ) and other enterprises continued to brave the state since last year, led the broader market, the company established only 4 years according to the upstream chip companies dry photovoltaic (76.660,0.89,1.17% ) (300102.SZ) in August this year, successfully landed in the GEM, like stepping on Hot Wheels as a continuous skyrocketing, creating yet another incredible wealth myth. These listed companies, it is only the tip of the iceberg surfaced in the industry - in its wake, is eager to have 4,000 large chain of similar businesses.

    Also known as solid-state semiconductor lighting lighting, solid-state light-emitting device refers to as the source of light, including light-emitting diode (LED) and organic light-emitting diode (OLED). Extension of the upstream materials and chip manufacturing industry, are of a technical and capital-intensive industries; midstream device and module packaging industry and downstream industries to display and lighting applications, is technical and labor-intensive industries.

    Venture Capital Northern Light Venture Capital founding partner of Tang Feng will be described as following the photovoltaic and wind power LED after the third peak of new energy investment. In fact, the benefit from the "emission reduction" and "low-carbon economy" trend, LED curtain still in the stage of investment wave, the next few years to local government and the main force of venture capital investment will also mix and match up more noise.

    As a burgeoning high-tech energy-saving industry, since June 2003 China launched the "National Semiconductor Lighting Project" has, LED industry, an average annual rate of more than 20% of Sturm und Drang, 2009, the entire industry output value reached 83 billion yuan this year expected to break through 100 billion yuan. Optimistic industry estimates, by 2015, the industry output will reach 5,000 billion yuan, then, the new engine of economic growth in China will be more worthy of the name.

    But as mentioned above, "opinion" issued by the industry before and after exposure to the old and new problems, is to reverse the power constraints become more stubborn and healthy development of LED industry. Status LED industry, the Great Leap Forward and the industry should be prudent for policy-makers respond to, a comprehensive set of new and reasonable development strategies.

    Wealth myth.

    This year in July, by the most direct to the market value, from Fujian, Lin Xiucheng family business and beat the Sun Guangxin Lu Guanqiu, boarded by the "Financial Weekly," published in China's new rich list top energy.
    Present, and his son, Lin Zhiqiang Lin Xiucheng Security Group by holding three 100% equity interest indirectly held 49.14% stake three photoelectric safety. Results to be published at the time, Lin Xiucheng family wealth to reach 11.27 billion yuan. This means that from the three safety photoelectric backdoor listing to the present, Lin Xiucheng wealth of the family four years doubled 11 times.

    Lin Xiucheng, Fujian Anxi people. According to public information, Lin Xiucheng initially started out by reselling scrap iron and steel scrap, by chance, he marked the dealings of Sanming Iron and Steel Plant, which took aim at the steel trade, and then with the co-injection of Sanming Iron and Steel Plant set up three security groups Limited. In 2002, Lin Xiucheng Youyi 54% of the shares in the White Anxi tea factory.

    Fame really let Lin Xiucheng An optical or three. In 2004, Lin Xiucheng moved to Xiamen, in the optoelectronic and LED industries. In 2007, through the backdoor of Hubei S * ST days Yi (45.04,0.27,0.60%), three public safety photoelectric do so, in the capital market started its journey on the Hurricane.

    As the largest upstream LED chip and wafer manufacturers, one of three security LED and photoelectric photoelectric concept has been the object of speculation, and its share price on January 20 this year had risen to a high of 78 yuan, while in the backdoor before and after three An optical S * ST days and its predecessor, Yi is a long-term stock price hovered around 2 yuan penny stocks.

    At the same time, the use of price leverage the concept of security so that the three observers optical market has been questioned. September 8, Xiamen International Exhibition Center from the fourteenth session of the China International Investment and Trade Fair From the news: in the Anhui delegation abroad to sign a single 800 billion yuan in Fujian on the monopoly of the three safety photoelectric Wuhu City, a 1.18 billion U.S. dollars in related projects. However, any progress on the project, the three optical delay shall not publish security. An optical sound of three secretaries to easily Ze later in the interview also played the devious tactics, not publicly confirm or deny.

    Currently, three security field optical than in Xiamen, Wuhu and Tianjin tentacles have extended beyond its borders, the company is mainly engaged in full-color high brightness LED epitaxial wafers, chip, and compound solar cells, is a letter of the new energy companies. Optoelectronics Industry Association, Xiamen Macheng Bo told correspondents, "as an upstream company, as far as I know, in addition to the three security companies setting up factories around the outside, there are small and medium enterprises to achieve rapid growth through mergers and acquisitions program." However, the message has not been confirmed by three aspects of security photoelectric.

    Lin Xiucheng's wealth in the LED industry, the story is only a silhouette of the industry in this industry chain, many are awaiting the successor to such business have been copied or shortcut. In this one, with three old unit as the backbone of the establishment of safety photoelectric dry according to optoelectronics, wealth is more like a myth.

    In 2006, because of the Lin Xiucheng the distribution of benefits and business philosophy have differences, the three optical backbone security, electronic security, general manager of the original three electric Ming Tang, chief engineer Wang Weiyong, Finance Manager Wangxiang Wu, Sun Yi and other 8 leaf mass exodus, the founder of dry according to optical. Subsequently, the name that won the favor of Sequoia Capital venture. According to public information, in March 2008, Sequoia Capital invested $ 10,220,000 to the price of about 7 times earnings, according to the subscription Optical 4.37 million yuan investment dry, is holding 1,819.6 million shares, representing the total issued share capital of the former 20.56%. dry since 2007, according to optical and put into production just three years later, in August this year, successfully landed on the GEM, starting up to 70 times earnings. Calculated according to the book of wealth, power, founder of Deng Ming, Wang Weiyong, Wang Xiangwu wealth, who are more than 10 billion yuan, Ye Sun Yi also close to 10 billion, Sequoia Capital venture also received more than 10 billion return on investment.

    Dry according to optical is the largest red, yellow LED chip wafer and solar cell manufacturers. In the orange light is also quite competitive last year, chip, wafer output of about 2 million. Dry according to Wang Jian, vice president of Integrated Management Photoelectric Red told correspondents, including dry according to the present, including the upstream chip companies are facing a shortage situation.

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