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M & W Company QSC together into the mixer market

    September 14, 2010, QSC Audio has announced M & W and professional audio companies have reached a joint development cooperation, will develop a series of digital audio mixer. "M" and "W" are the company's founder Greg Mackie and Peter Watts last name beginning with the letter.

    Since 2003, companies from Mackie (now Loud Group) after retirement,solar heater Greg Mackie still want to create a revolutionary high-value-added products, so in 2008 he persuaded his old friend and partner for many years PeterWatts out of the mountains, and cooperation development of a new concept of digital mixer product line. solar energy Peter is also a design with 35 years experience in digital and analog mixer with the experts, the first digitally controlled mixer Trident DiAn to come from his hand. According to the preliminary design concepts and products, Greg and Peter began to look to give this mixer life partner.

    "We need a professional audio partner, he should have a complete sales, marketing and distribution channels and has a good reputation and reliable product quality. He also has development and manufacturing of advanced technical capacity of digital mixer and production experience. "Greg Mackie continued:" I and John Andrew and Barry Andrew brothers, friends for many years, I know and believe that QSC is the most suitable partner. "

    QSC Gerry Tschetter, vice president of marketing, said: "We are very pleased and Greg and Peter co-operation of their passion to create the perfect audio products like our own. We have been in the audio system of the 'B' ring to create value and performance (processor , amplifier and speakers), produced a large number of very successful products, very excited and can begin in the 'A' ring product development. "

    It is reported that the design of new products will be M & W and QSC have completed, but the production, sales, marketing and technical support will be fully responsible for the QSC. The first products are expected in the first half of 2011.

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