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Yi Bisen 9 anniversary activities started back none other big bargain

    September 18, 2010, Shenzhen City Industrial Co., Ltd. Yi Bisen 9 anniversary of the establishment. On this occasion, Yi Bisen company has been given to it in order for the affirmation and support of new and old customers to express my sincere thanks,solar heater will be officially launched on September 30 grand bargain Thanksgiving back none other activities.

    In the 1 October 2010 to 12 months 31, Aibi Sen will introduce a variety of 2000 square meters of selling full-color led display, special limited edition on sale as low as 8-fold,solar energy while stock lasts.

    At the same time, some products can enjoy a "zero down payment", the implementation of spot trading.

    Ai Bisen the ones who enjoy the company of this bargain activities, from price to give the customer the greatest direct benefits. "Thanksgiving feedback" expressed a profoundly new and old customers Yi Bisen company "win-win long-term development cooperation," the good wishes.

    Why Aibi Sen.

    Yi Bisen independent research and development core of the device LED screen - LED lamps, can produce 50KK, all for the LED screen, LED screen to ensure consistency and timeliness of delivery.

    l3000 square spot, the first inspection and then sign the bill, will minimize the risk of the customer.

    l14 a test experiment, three high Jiejing automated production plant, to ensure the display quality and stability.

    Products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, 107 countries and territories worldwide.

    l50 6-language proficiency in a number of excellent engineers overseas sales and service team, you can communicate directly with foreign customers and provide on-site installation guidance and other after-sales service.

    l24 hours - 7 days a week non-stop line, to better serve our customers faster.

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