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The kindergarten 70 water heater failure still have not seen maintenance people solar water heater still under warranty, and now solar heater fails to lead to no hot water contract when purchasing water heater, a receipt is not in, and even the dealership no more sad reminder that want to pay for water heater manufacturers headquarters sent people to repair two weeks still no news. When the issue of this series is small Itabashi the Backstreet-huang reached kindergarten head of Mr. Xu hit, toss the days of the Mr. Xu said solar energy only one sentence: "I really was confused little temper. '
    According to Mr. Xu, in June last year, from the hands of others, he took over the nursery, and learned that more than 70 units of the park too All signs solar water heater purchased in small Itabashi Backstreet in early 2011. To water heaters receipt contract "At that time forgot, did not realize that less than half a year, more than 70 water heater appeared fault."
    Subsequently, Mr. Xu found the dealership when purchasing water heaters, but the store was no longer there, the dealer's phone has been able to get through. "Finally, I can only find the the too standard solar Yuxi headquarters, two weeks but no one came to repair." Mr. Xu said, as long as the company is able to come to repair, he is willing to pay the associated costs.
    Help asked: yesterday (January 30) afternoon, reporters phone contacted too standard solar Yuxi Headquarters Service Department, according to the staff, shortly before the Kunming a freezing rain, leading to the majority of water heaters, water pipes freezing, so the amount of work , may be ten days no room for the time to help Mr. Xu repair. In addition, the customer service headquarters yesterday (January 30) at noon, after receiving a HUANGDA kindergarten phones arranged the Kunming maintenance workers Deng master their contact.
Results: Subsequently, the reporter learned that Deng master contact, Mr. Xu, neither dealer information, purchase solar shops can not provide proof of purchase contracts and receipts, so can not give priority to the for Mr. Xu repair solar. "I can finish the work of my hands first, then asked the leadership tomorrow and see if I can help Mr. Xu repair." Said, Mr. Xu needs to pay the maintenance costs.

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