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Photovoltaic industry dangerous phenomena: to Shang Decheng "zombie" Zevi court the national PV industry heater blowing frequency, but due to the sharp drop in prices of photovoltaic products, the major export markets of China PV gloomy regional economy in Europe, sharp tightening of bank credit and receivables risk is also increased solar heater in crisis The PV industry dangerous phenomena.
    Ultra-day sun, removing overwhelmed traced to "the boss Paolu" crisis, Suntech, LDK Solar. Shipments of the two companies far above the Ultra-day sun, and involve a huge amount of money which means that once the fall of the two companies, will lead to the bankruptcy of the supplier, bank bad solar energy debts, and a series of comic effect .
    Suntech headache is about to expire the end of March next year, the sum of $ 575 million of convertible bonds. Suntech insolvency as early as a few months ago began seven large state-owned banks to apply for a new loan arrangement, but the conditions of these banks, Shi must give up a controlling stake, or even to completely withdraw from Suntech. The comment for Suntech even escaped the temporary debt pressure, the PV market is difficult to turn a good case, the non-profit Suntech is only a "zombie" This is the most Zhengrong Shi headache.
    The Zevi its facing Peifu Jingyuntong 3 billion liquidated damages "burden". 26 announcement Jingyuntong said, the company received the award made by the Shanghai Branch of the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, conventions apply for arbitration the case of a ruling on the company for breach of contract LDK: LDK pay liquidated damages to Jingyuntong 294 million yuan.
    According to the the LDK reported third quarter earnings, as of September 30, 2012, the LDK short-term borrowings, maturity of long-term loans and short-term notes totaling $ 2.206 billion, or 138.85 billion yuan.
    As of September 30, Zevi $ 112 million in cash and cash equivalents, and $ 341 million short-term pledged bank deposits. Although the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission recently judgment Artes LDK Solar should pay nearly 2.5 billion liquidated damages, but overall it seems, the LDK financial strength relative to its short-term debt total, or a drop in the bucket.
    On November 21, LDK can not be liquidated sum billion credit funds expire, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Report on the court.
4-5 consecutive quarters of losses, tight liquidity position, the Chinese PV companies in overseas capital markets continue to face delisting warning. LDK Solar is not only receive the delisting warnings company. On August 22, a large new Energy Limited announced the receipt of a warning of the New York Stock Exchange, becoming the first of this year to receive a delisting warning overseas-listed Chinese PV companies. Since then, Suntech listed on the NYSE and Nasdaq listed JA Solar also has suffered delisting warning.
    Coincided with the policy of blowing warm air frequency photovoltaic industry truly out of the woods, and I am afraid that will take some time. Analysts said the first half of 2013, is perhaps the most critical period of the Chinese PV companies.
    Tsai, principal analyst of Solarzoom comfort had also said that "due to the inventory problem, the first half of next year, the Chinese PV companies will regardless of the cost to bargain."
    "After a year of losses and discontinued, the lack of cash flow PV enterprises in bank debt collection of the year, clearing capacity and exit." Tsai said, "This will bring the capacity to clean comfort. 2011 PV manufacturers cut prices cut profits 2012 price cut gross profit, the 2013 price cuts can only rely on the technical advances led to cost reductions, lower prices is slowing down, but the capacity of the first quarter of next year is expected to be cleaned will be driven by extremely low Paohuo. "
    A house crumbling place to save enterprises shall no longer helping move looked PV companies. Within a week from December 18 to December 25, Hareon and has released 4 announcement, said the cumulative receive government subsidies of nearly $ 500 million. The move also attracted peers questioned: a bailout can save afford two EU is initiating countervailing duty investigations against China, this is tantamount to giving others a handle.

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