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New Solar Technology: make life even more sun

On December 10, the world's most advanced solar thermal system indoor testing equipment settled in Chinese enterprises, driving throughout the solar thermal industry technology upgrade again, and may also be to bring trillion business opportunities for the utilization of solar energy industry in China.
Value should not be overlooked
Mention of solar energy, people first thought might be "solar water heater, the term continuous for a long time are TV commercials and promotional hotspots, and all households become necessities. However, the invisible sun become the energy that can be used, not solar collector many people seem to know.
Although solar energy as a new energy development and utilization, but in fact, since the Earth formed biological sun to provide heat and light to survive the human energy needed for the vast majority of, directly or indirectly, from the sun.
The so-called solar, generally refers to the energy of the solar radiation. Broad solar on Earth many energy sources, such as wind energy, chemical energy and water potential energy. The variety of plants through photosynthesis, solar energy into chemical energy stored in the plants down. Coal, oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels, but also from ancient plants and animals buried in the ground to form after a long geological ages, they are essentially fixed by ancient biological solar. Our ancestors already know how to directly use sunlight energy, such as sun dried objects, and as a method of preserving food, such as salt and sun salted fish.
In recent decades, the world facing global climate change and its challenges impact on ecosystems, decrease in non-renewable fossil fuels such as oil, coal industrial development also makes people to think about how to further develop solar, because solar both primary energy, and renewable energy. Rich in solar energy resources, both free to use, and without transport, without any pollution to the environment.
Some may say that being the case, why not as direct use of solar energy, and to have it as an emerging energy to study the use of it? Fact, this is the main problem faced by the development and utilization of solar energy, the energy of solar radiation to the Earth's atmosphere only 2.2 billion of the total radiation energy one, but up to 173,000 TW (terawatts) That Sun second irradiation on Earth, the energy equivalent of 500 million tons of coal per second exposure to Earth's energy and 499,400,00,000 coke. Although the total amount of solar energy resources equivalent to human use energy a million times, but solar energy density is low, and it varies from place to change with the time. The reason is simple, we can use sunlight sun dried fish, but can not be directly used to drive the car. So, how to transform solar energy to generate tremendous power has become an emerging problem.
Used a solar PV, a solar thermal. Solar photovoltaic exposed to sunlight will produce direct current electricity generation device, composed of almost all made of solid semiconductor material (such as silicon) photovoltaic cells. No active part, it can be a long time without causing any loss. Simple photovoltaic cells to provide energy for the watch as well as the computer, more complex PV systems can provide lighting for the house, the power grid. The components of the utilization of solar energy photovoltaic panels can be made into different shapes, and components can be connected to produce more electricity. In recent years, the roof and the building surface can be used photovoltaic panels, or even used as windows, skylights or obscure part of the device, these photovoltaic facilities is often referred to as Building Integrated Photovoltaic system.
Solar thermal polymerization to sunlight and use its energy to produce hot water, steam and electricity. In addition to the use of appropriate technology to collect solar buildings can also make use of the sun's light and heat can design suitable equipment, such as the giant south-facing windows or use can absorb and slowly release the sun heat the building materials. Solar water heaters used in our daily lives is based on this technology.
Fields of applications
Now, the application of solar energy has been very extensive, small solar watches, solar calculators, no electricity to dry in the sun in the sun; big to combine solar equipment and urban construction, energy saving to the entire city. Some of these applications can bring us benefits visible, while others are full of interest in life.
Solar water heating applications can be at different temperatures, the scale has a different use. Currently, 80 ℃ for low temperature applications, solar hot water is widely used in homes, hotels, schools, hotels, farming, food, agriculture, civil or commercial areas, with one hundred billion market size; 80 ℃ ~ 250 ℃ in the temperature field of solar thermal energy is mainly used in the field of domestic and industrial heating, air conditioning, textile, printing and dyeing, paper, rubber, desalination market will reach one trillion scale; thermal power above 250 ℃ high-temperature applications market will reach one trillion in scale, called the jumbo market.
As of 2011, China's solar thermal industry production of solar collectors of 57.6 million square meters, to become the world's largest solar water heater production and consumption country, development of the holdings from less than 50 million square meters a decade ago to 200 million today square meters.
More and more application of solar energy equipment in the urban construction, Tianjin next year will be the first to use solar trash, optical components, solar energy conversion to electricity supply-driven system. The use of sunlight as a power and energy, after automatic compression process, you can reduce the volume of garbage to the 1/8 of the original, which can "eat" under more junk. And such trash totally enclosed to prevent odor overflow, beautiful and safe, the top of the green, yellow and red lights indicate whether full trash garbage and set voice prompts, and more convenient for people to use.
Australia in order to demonstrate its importance to energy conservation and create a good ecological environment, specifically for this century-old building of the Sydney Town Hall put on a "technology fashion": laying the roof in its 240 large-scale solar photovoltaic panels matrix. Do not underestimate the Town Hall, currently installed solar panels peak power of 48 kW, the total annual generation of 60,000 kwh, reduce carbon emissions will reach a total of 1620 tons.
Along with the completion of the last month Tokelau solar power project, this is located between the Hawaiian Islands of New Zealand and the United States, composed of Atafu, Nukunonu and Fakaofo three atolls Islands, became the world's first region rely entirely on solar power.
Singapore is also highly innovative in order to meet Christmas, new solar power 12 "Atlas Tree, these dyke tree" 25-50 meters high, to collect solar energy during the day, be able to issue a dreamy light in the evening, the provincial electrical and romantic.
"Icarus" was developed by the Japan Aerospace Agency (JAXA) universe sailing, the use of fuel in the universe, flying through the open canvas of 200 square meters of thin resin receive sunlight. This idea about 100 years ago, "Icarus" is the first to realize.
China's solar yacht in Xiamen recently successfully developed and put into use, the yacht is made from fiberglass boat top solar panel area of ​​90 square meters, no pollution, no noise, zero emissions.
Take advantage of the inherent inadequacy
Although solar energy is inexhaustible, however, has been laying the solar equipment is idle or inefficient use remains a visible waste.
For example, Hainan illumination time is long, high strength, good air cleanliness sun projection angle sunlight penetrating strong, has a very rich solar energy resources, but solar energy utilization, solar water heaters ownership accounted for the national population the proportion of small, solar water heaters, household penetration is not high. The one hand, the more expensive price of solar energy conversion devices, Hainan solar industry as a whole disorderly production installation, the vast majority of solar energy companies exist three non-phenomenon, that the completion of the project monitoring system, installers technology, product performance standards; another terms of public awareness of energy conservation is not strong enough understanding of solar. Unfortunately, a similar situation exists in many places.
Even per household solar water heater, there is idle and underutilized. Tens of millions of solar water heater user groups annually generate huge savings for the country, but also accompanied by the billion wasted hundreds of nearly a year. This is two deficiencies, derived from the solar water heater must be installed on the roof, solar water heaters in the unused state aqueduct filled with water, must first let go of lost water pipes in the cold water before use hot water. From the indoor water tank port farther, more to be put in cold water, caused by the irrational use of water resources or waste. Winter when the temperature is below 0 ° C, water heater the aqueducts Louis frozen block, for normal use, to outside help on outdoor water conveyance pipeline antifreeze, insulation. Winter, northern Many users simply disable the solar water heater allowed to "hibernate", which not only caused great waste of resources of water heaters, hot water has caused great inconvenience gave users live.
More, many residents own solar water heater is broken, because it can not find the corresponding after-sales service, the company of other repairs troublesome than home repairs, or leave them idle down, or use another buy electric water heater.
The presence of the above-mentioned problems, the effective utilization of solar energy scaled down, and the impact of the implementation of energy saving original intention.
The good news is that the national level, the use of solar energy is being continuously strengthened, the solar trash is just a beginning, and later with the more solar facilities in the city, for the city will save a lot of money and energy. For example, a variety of idle land transformed into a solar power plant, neither a waste of space but also generate economic benefits; With the increase in solar integrated building, there will be many families through the thin-film photovoltaic power generation system to achieve self-sufficiency in electricity, which has a "family power", the traditional energy pattern has come to a fundamental change in the consumption of fossil energy, to make our lives more "sunshine".

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