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Jiangsu hospital quality alternate the Sunrise Oriental "Liangleichadao," Why?

Recently, Huang Ming Solar Energy Company in Texas held a news conference, declaring to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Ministry of Supervision Report Jiangsu hospital quality real name and Sunrise Oriental (603,366, stock it) the company "to detect fraud to cheat up". Said Huang Ming, Huang Ming Solar, chairman of the Jiangsu Province Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision processing results "very dissatisfied" and require the disclosure of solar heater all raw data and testing process.
    Detect fraud cheat up door "has been fermented for several months. Jiangsu hospital quality and Sunrise Oriental Emperor Ming has held a press conference, cited various objections raised by Jiangsu hospital quality test report, including whether they are third-party testing weather conditions fraud detection cycle fraud (test report number and time beyond the detection capability of the Jiangsu hospital quality) testing dates fraud, data fraud, etc., and to grasp the real name to report the case to the state a number solar energy of departments. Emperor Ming questioned that the parties to respond to a point, the first after fooling served soft, a few rounds down the original things beginning to emerge, but it seems there is some distance from the "truth".
    Previously, Jiangsu Quality Supervision Bureau has identified the existence of irregularities fact of hospital quality in Jiangsu Sunrise Oriental apply for state subsidies for product testing process, Jiangsu Academy of Quality Supervision, Inspection pause solar water heater product inspection and measurement certification qualification 6 months, and given the Hospital warning, and ordered its house in order. The same time, the Quality Supervision Bureau of Jiangsu Sunrise Oriental "retest", adding that all the results of the original inspection report concluded, "exactly the same". Violations of inspection and compliance test results "achieving the same" and achieve "exactly the point, people could not help the suspect Jiangsu Quality Supervision Bureau whether payable.
    "Detect fraud to cheat up" processing results are very ambiguous, Jiangsu hospital quality seems to bear all the responsibility, can be described as a costly error report does not explicitly repeal the re-examination report just modify the time and place of sunrise 160 The products included in the National List of solar projects that benefit the fact that there is no change. Testing organization has the enterprise "Liangleichadao" was seized, suspected fraud to cheat up "enterprise" unscathed ", it is no wonder that report real name Huang Ming still brooding, Jiangsu Bureau of Quality Supervision practice is called" lost single-car "" sneak ".
Jiangsu hospital quality in the initial response to that enterprise "urging" issued a report, why they concentrate 379 energy efficiency test reports and type test report issued Jiangsu hospital quality is why they were willing to risk being revoked inspection qualification the risk for Sunrise Oriental concentrated issued a large number of "defects Report? 80 report breach of section 86 orders of the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, Sunrise Oriental equipment and site inspection (national solar projects that benefit the explicit requirements for the inspection report issued by the "third party"), Jiangsu hospital quality why braved against the risk of the national Act for the test report issued by Sunrise Oriental?
    Either revoke the qualification of the risk, or the risk of illegal, are enough to destroy an authoritative quality inspection departments of social credibility. Drivers have no interest, no one is willing to take such a big risk. In fact, the general public does not care about the professional inspection report issued by a testing organization, but if this report related to the public interest loopholes, talk, inconsistencies, even suspected of falsifying public reason to question the third party testing organizations are fair and open and fair challenge testing organization, was seized enterprises to form some kind of "community of interest" and questioned whether the parties have to conceal under pressure throughout the passive response.
    Jiangsu Quality Supervision Bureau of the rapid reaction of public opinion should be affirmed, but in the end is wrong or fraud, irregularities, or malfeasance, needs a comprehensive judgment; same time, the absence of the discipline inspection departments in the course of the investigation, indeed, regrettable, and this is processing results can not convince the public of important reasons.
    The attention of the media are themselves unable to cool down, and can only rely on the Jiangsu Quality Supervision Bureau continue to investigate the process and publish the truth. Jiangsu Quality Supervision Bureau site "Discipline Supervision" We have noticed that one of the functions is the admissibility of the prosecution of the object being monitored, the accused and the complainant "Jiangsu Quality Supervision, Inspection the hospital Why behalf Sunrise Oriental" Liangleichadao " ? Seems to answer this question, only then listen to their views.

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