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Million and new energy hot water project training activities Sidelights

Million and since the strategic upgrade to the world's leading gas appliance and domestic hot water system supplier from gas with experts, the promotion and application of new energy products, an important opportunity to become a million and leaps and bounds. The launch of the air to the water heater, flat plate solar water heater, as well as domestic first multi-energy integrated hot water systems and other products, has become a "tool" of Wan and the market collapsed.
    Accelerate million and new energy products lose ground in order solar collector to better serve the market, especially in the engineering market, November 2 to 6 million and new energy hot water project will organize a five-day training week of the new energy hot water project front-line staff, responsible for gas heating and hot water heaters, air to water heaters, solar water heater, integrated multi-energy hot water systems and other product sales from the company's new energy hot water engineering department and customer service department, Ministry of innovative technologies, Zhongshan factory sector new energy hot water reserve personnel more than 60 people involved in the training camp.
    The content of the training, including the technical characteristics of the new energy water heating products, product manufacturing, after-sales service protection, water system solutions, marketing system, large customers to expand the guidelines, investment guidelines, and engineering experience store to expand its construction, " experiential learning "as the main method to strengthen the frontline sales staff on a comprehensive understanding of the new energy hot water products to enhance the means and methods of marketing, for the rapid development of new energy hot water project is about to usher in further savings reserve forces and create a a high-quality marketing team.
    Production training focus new energy hot water production base - clever Yang and factories, the base plan covers an area of ​​800 acres, a development of 350 acres of production area of ​​over 130,000 square meters, is expected to achieve an air to water heaters 150,000 units, 700,000 square meters of flat solar panels, electric water heater 300 million units of annual production capacity of 300,000 sets of the energy integrated hot water system, Yang and factories officially put into operation in August 28 this year, has formed the largest production scale, called "carrier-class new energy hot water product base. Training personnel to go solar collectors, air to water heater, water tank production line, to understand the new energy hot water production equipment, manufacturing processes, the key processes, use of materials, testing equipment and methods, the participants in the two days of tense students has always maintained a high level of enthusiasm and detail to every process, every process in the accompanying engineer explained the process, we encounter do not understand the problem to ask questions, so far has been to understand. Subsequently, the training staff came the high Li factory and the red flag factory, production line and workshop electronic control systems for electric with the production process in-depth understanding of the gas heating and hot water heaters, (containing commercial boiler).
    Yang and factory dormitories solar hot water project demonstration projects, Germany and Hanson life park new energy demonstration project of integrated hot water project aroused great interest of the training officers, the Yang and factory dormitory solar hot water project demonstration projects through the roof and dormitory West wall installation of flat plate solar collectors, played roofing insulation to reduce summer heat radiation to reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning and refrigeration, thus providing comfortable living hot water. This project is not only fully achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction, also the combination of products and construction. Germany and Hanson life park new energy demonstration projects of integrated hot water project is a combination of flat plate solar collectors with air to water heaters, provide ample supply of hot water for the entire staff of life of a 10-storey building.
    Combination of these two projects accompanying engineers instance to explain in detail to the students, from the project overview, product selection, design, construction, operation and maintenance, and visitors to learn the entire project through site visits and learning, students are new energy hot water products more confidence.
    The training site visits I also arranged for a rich theoretical learning, the lecturers systematic solution from all types of products, application technology, hot water systems, hot water systems, construction and installation, service protection, standards and regulations market operations and other aspects of a comprehensive theoretical teachings. Students by Yang and factory laboratories, high-Li factory laboratory building understanding, recognizing the stringent requirements for product quality and factory testing.
In addition, the new energy hot water project also invited Wong Johnson Youth Minister, Ministry of innovative technology feature on the theme of "Ecological architectural design instructions", participants were also introduced the world's cutting-edge green building energy-saving technology and application, greatly broaden students' horizons, deepen the company adhere to the strategy of the new energy hot water comprehend.
    Most students excited about one thing, of course, is the the disassembly products "link, because this is to be a practical application to review their own learning something. Divided into five groups of students were dismantling assembly and Technology of the air to water heaters, tanks, solar collectors, gas heating and hot water heaters and other products, a group of students to "dismemberment", and then product assembly forming another group of students, split in a dress. "process, the students have a profound understanding of the structure of the product, the crux of the performance and advantages of the core parts, and after-sales service and technical support.
    Five days of intense training, so that all trainees benefited president Yeyuan Zhang also taking the time to visit to all trainees, and focus to introduce the company's product development strategy of the new energy hot water, Yezong Jiang stressed that the new energy heat aquatic products more energy efficient, more economical, safer, more comfortable, not just the best choice for a traditional water heater replacement, is the general trend of the national energy saving hot water for household, commercial alternatives for traditional products, for customers create more valuable products, the prospects of the market is enormous. Every 000 people is a profound understanding of the company's strategy, and get down to action, and will usher in greater breakthroughs in the field of new energy hot water, the development of the company is bound to usher in a glorious new chapter in .

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