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Responsible for developing solar industry international standards for the first time by China

China officially began to be responsible for the development of two international standard ISO22975-1: the vacuum tubes durability and thermal performance, and ISO22975-2: heat pipe vacuum tube with durability and thermal performance, plans to formulate a solar collector work period of 3 years.
    It is reported that the commitment to the international quasi formulate a new national energy engineering support unit of the Technical Research Centre of Beijing Solar Energy Research Institute, for many years has been responsible for or participate in the formulation of a number of solar national standards, to promote the standardization of China's solar work has made a positive contribution.
    20 years, China's solar water heater industry, the rapid development, the annual output of the solar collector and accumulated holdings have been ranked first in the world to become the global production of solar water heaters and application of power. Correspondingly, the status of our country in the international standardization work in the solar energy is also increasing. In 2008, the International Organization for Standardization / Solar Technology Commission (ISO/TC180) from the observation of the member states "(O members) upgraded to" participating Member States "(P-members).
    In early July 2012, the country's new Energy Engineering Technology Research Center Azusa year, went to San Francisco to participate in the the ISO/TC180 plenary session and their respective Working Group 3 (WG3) meeting to discuss the currently or soon to be formulated Solar international standards, including two international standards of China is responsible for the formulation solar.
    Back in early September 2011, Dr. Wang Geng, energy-saving, director of the China National Institute of Standardization and Dr. Liu Meng duo, participated in the the ISO/TC180 meeting held in Kassel, Germany.
    In view of the vacuum tube solar collectors account for a large proportion of the global solar market, China is the production and application of vacuum tubes big country, the formulation of the recommendations of the relevant solar vacuum tube international standards in the Chinese representatives at the meeting in Kassel, Germany. The representative of China's proposal has been recognized by the vast majority of delegates meeting last made the resolution.
    Kassel, Germany, after the meeting, according to the above-mentioned resolution of the meeting, the China National Standardization Management Committee (SAC) commissioned by the China National Institute of Standardization Organization implementation, initiated the formation of ISO/TC180/WG3 and instructed the Beijing Solar Energy Research Institute is responsible for the initial drafting the two draft international standard.

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