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Government to develop distributed photovoltaic generation micro-inverter prospects bullish

According to global market research agencies TrendForce's the research department EnergyTrend survey show, mainland China Energy Board recently toward the development of large-scale reform of distributed photovoltaic power generation solar heater will be financial funds. Provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) will choose a solar energy resources, electricity demand good urban area and construction conditions, the proposed construction solar energy program of large-scale applications of distributed photovoltaic power generation demonstration area, the relevant industry, said the market size of the 31 provinces, autonomous regions point of view, a conservative estimate of more than 10GW of demand can be created.
    Taiwan, on the other hand, the solar inverter industry that mainland China PV market suffered greatly in the grid section bottleneck, so the promotion of distributed generation on the one hand unpleasant resolves between grid operators and system operators, and other the one hand, but also can reduce the network load and instability of this policy in the future to do more than the needs of small and medium-sized solar inverter will be significant growth.
    In addition, the industry also said that from SPI to EUPVSEC and exhibition in the the micro inverter inquiry has been high, in addition to micro inverter architecture conducive to enhance the efficiency of the overall system output, another potential niche spontaneous demand for their own use is also expected to be heated with the growth of the distributed market, micro-inverter with direct AC output with a competitive advantage. Related industry, said micro inverter cost is still higher than traditional products 2 times contingent as European Regional electricity continues to rise, the government subsidies continue to reduce, future electricity savings ROI better than government subsidies, the owner-occupied market European region is expected to become the mainstream of the solar market development, With the expansion of market scale, the cost of micro-inverter is expected rapid decline achieve both products is the same, or even lower level.
    The solar spot prices this week, obviously reflects the fourth quarter demand in the market the kinetic energy of the poor, as well as the stock failed to effectively go to the dilemma, especially in the part of the upstream polysilicon manufacturers for price almost abandoning, we believe that the main reason to alleviate financial pressure manufacturers look to take advantage of more favorable prices prompted potential buyers shot.
This week, outlook poor inventory realizable under the double impact the polysilicon trade quoted a broken plate price, license premiums lower than $ 15/kg, while average prices slipped to $ 17.635/kg, down 5.75%; in polysilicon wafer due to lack of the efficient product demand force, coupled with emerging markets require cost-effective products, the formal product prices faced great pressure, manufacturers in significant adjustments in the price; informal goods, emerging market demand makes the price relatively resilient. This week, the average price of polysilicon wafers came to $ 0.905/piece, down 4.23%; in single crystal silicon wafer, 125 and 156 offer fell synchronization, and some manufacturers have ceased trading, while the situation in poor demand The following week, the average price came to $ 1.158/piece, or 2.44%. Cells and modules, this week, the average price of the battery decline, the price came to $ 0.365/watt, or 1.62%; while the decline in the average price of the module to $ 0.663/watt, or 1.04%.

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