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Required to break the two outer photovoltaic development cycle of

September 16, new energy - innovation and cooperation "as the topic the third Texas Solar Energy Utilization Expo Investment and Trade Fair to be held as scheduled.
What, then, the solar industry, in particular, the photovoltaic industry, affected by a variety of factors that affect the continued downturn, the solar event held in this context that give the industry to convey what kind of signal?
"China Sun City" vigor unabated
The reporter interviewed the participants Some industry solar collector insiders and experts and scholars, they think Although the industry has encountered some difficulties, but as a strategic emerging industries still represents the correct direction of development, market development through technological innovation, the solar industry has the confidence to get better development.
Our triple pipeline protection antifreeze system and patent piping insulation anti-separation module technology breakthrough in cold environments 'frozen neck' and other problems, the weather hot and cold water can be delivered to their homes. "The same day, the reporter in Texas too Bo Exhibition the person in charge of a vendor Pavilion technological innovation.
Reporters found that, along with the scale of new energy industry continue to grow and develop new products, new technologies are constantly emerging applications continue to expand, expanding market space, equipment levels were significantly increased. Solar thermal, photovoltaic, photoelectric solar energy industry in Texas to form a relatively complete industrial system, leading enterprises Himin Group to become the world's biggest solar collector manufacturing base and clean energy supplier. Promotion of solar energy applications in the nation, and the formation of a unique urban landscape of China Sun City.
The Yucheng Hina PV Co., Ltd., general manager Huang Songchun said Han PV development route to take "higher grade", that is, high-tech, large-scale, the whole industry chain. The end of this year, Han PV base in eight of the national distribution will be fully put into production, the annual production capacity of up to 300 million kilowatts, the annual power generation of about 4.5 billion kwh, enough for a residential electricity consumption over the city of 10 million people a year, more importantly, they are all green clean energy.
It is understood that, in the future, Dezhou plan annual investment of more than ten billion yuan, to ensure that the city's new energy industry average annual sales growth of 50%, by 2015 to reach the scale of one hundred billion to Texas to build a home and abroad the most dynamic Chinese Sun City and the capital of the new energy. "
Renewed hope in the trough
"I was doing real estate business, see Texas solar energy and real estate so it is enlightening. 21st century is the century of the new energy, especially solar energy, has become a development trend of new energy industries and products for people extra points and society, in this area of ​​Texas in the forefront. "Mr. Wang from Taiwan to Texas building integrated solar products a soft spot.
Careful, Shandong Solar Energy Industry Association, said that in recent years, with the in-depth development of the solar energy industry in Texas, has formed a "world solar energy industry in China, the Chinese solar industry to see good pattern of Shandong, Shandong solar industries in Texas". Recently, the impact of the complex international economic situation, the general downturn in the solar industry, the current Fair will be held too, will play an active role in encouraging industry morale, changing the product structure, and lead the business development.
"In recent years, photovoltaic and wind power, China's new energy industry rapid development, but the blind expansion caused serious excess capacity in the market is shrinking, 'Europe and the United States double reverse' factors such as repression, the new energy industry has been in the industry trough new energy is the core of the third industrial revolution, this event will rekindle the hope of the whole industry a new energy future. "Cao Jie, president of the China New Energy Science and Technology Association, the Texpo held great significance.
Breakthrough "two out" development mode
For Europe and the United States double reverse, Cao Jie bluntly: "Ultimately, the overall technological level of domestic new energy industry is not high, but the U.S. and European markets, but it is a big shock."
The difficulties encountered by the photovoltaic and wind power and other new energy industry, Cao Jie, many corporate name of the new energy concept to enclosure, in fact, technology is lagging behind even outdated. "Seemingly done very many places in the new energy industry, in fact, the technical level is not high, the lack of competitiveness in the international market."
The Yucheng Hina PV Co., Ltd., general manager Huang Songchun PV industry in order to break the vicious circle of development, must take the road of independent innovation, breakthroughs in core technologies and foster the products with independent intellectual property rights, based on the expansion of domestic market demand, and can no longer rely on the original technology and market development model "two out".
Careful agrees on this point, in the process of development in the solar energy industry, there is industry access threshold is low, the industry standard is not standardized, small enterprise scale degree, market disorder, affecting the rapid and healthy development of the enterprise. The solar industry should continue to improve the technological content of products and product quality, adjust and optimize the product structure, to achieve industrial upgrading and optimization, to speed up the implementation of Union standards, in order to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, while safeguarding the interests of consumers.
Solar energy industry is how to win the spring of their own? Alluvial put forward their point of view: China's photovoltaic industry is currently 90% of the market in a foreign country, while 90% of the market in the solar thermal industry in the country, with the development of the solar thermal industry, the domestic market has become saturated, enterprises should lock eyes in the international market. With the introduction of the national support policies, the domestic photovoltaic industry, market demand is gradually increasing, should vigorously develop the domestic market.

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