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"Smart city" on the side "money" King vast

The annual Berlin 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show held recently. As the world's top consumer electronic products and home appliances exhibition, this year has not yet exhibited revolutionary innovative products and solar heater has a comprehensive display of the latest trends in consumer electronics and home appliances, the intelligent interconnect, in advance, that people bring comfort and convenience.
    In all the exhibition hall, equipment installation of various electronic appliances of Things "E housing solar energy is particularly eye-catching. Here, whether smartphones, tablet PCs or ordinary computer can be used as a remote control device, issued on home TV, air conditioning, lighting, heating, electric shutters, camera, stereo, washing machine and other instructions.
    E housing "also has solar cells and small windmills, power supply for home appliances. Once electricity surplus, the homeowner can choose to sell part of the electricity or stored in a large battery. Day electricity price fluctuations, it can be like buying and selling stocks issued washing machine instructions, washing machine began to run when electricity prices fell to a lower level. In the garage, next to the electric vehicles with charging device, the source of electricity, of course, but also the home of the "self-generating" ......
    Smart, change and enrich people's lives, but also to the operation of the city to become more intelligent and efficient. This, people yearn for hope, but also the inevitable choice for sustainable social development.
    Earlier, someone had such fantasies: if in the workplace or elsewhere, by phone or computer, you can command or manipulate the home of all things, then that would be good! For example, monitoring of home thieves ...
    Today, this fantasy has become a reality, this is the so-called "smart home".
    If a city "smart", "wisdom", then the experts call "urban disease" also have governance For example, the expansion of rapid urban population, overcrowded traffic, serious environmental pollution, over-consumption resources, frequent occurrence of safety hazards ...
    This is among the most popular "smart city" concept. It is understood that China's far over 200 smart city projects being implemented in the process, hundreds of regions proposed to carry out the construction of smart city.
    Some provinces and cities "smart city" as the "12th Five-Year" period to accelerate the transformation of economic development and economic development strategic orientation and an important starting point, more than 80% of the city as the leading industries of the construction of the "smart city" Internet of things.
    Now, the "smart city" still in the exploratory stage, but the introduction of "smart city evaluation index system, will facilitate the arrival of the building boom of the" smart city "(town), will also promote urban modernization and economic and social development The transition process.
    "Smart city" presents the life views
    "Smart city", is the integration of information technology and state-of-the-art city management service concept, the digital network of the city's geography, resources, environment, economic management, to provide more convenient, efficient and flexible public administration service model .
    Popular "smart city" is a more intelligent method, a new generation of information technology to change the way of government, communities, companies and people interact with each other, in order to improve the interaction of the clarity, efficiency, flexibility and speed of response ; urban spatial information infrastructure and urban space facilities such as the combination of the government, community or enterprise, urban residents make more informed decisions.
    People's daily life and what it was like living in the "smart city"?
    Shanghai World Expo, some pavilions such a beauty to show people: sick, and private care physicians, clinics through telemedicine system can accept.

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