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The trends of the flat-plate solar collectors
First, the advantages of the flat-plate solar collectors
High thermal efficiency.
First of all, the daily average efficiency, flat-plate solar solar collector collector is superior to the vacuum tube solar collectors. Currently, the flat-plate solar collector thermal efficiency is generally 60%, vacuum tube solar collector thermal efficiency of 50%. Collector water temperature is below 50 ℃, instantaneous thermal efficiency of flat-plate collectors than evacuated tube collectors. Ordinary temperature of the solar collector is generally in the temperature or low temperature the ordinary solar collector in run-time, flat-plate collector instantaneous efficiency is higher than the vacuum tube collectors.
Average daily efficiency of flat plate solar water heater is about the average daily efficiency of all-glass vacuum tube solar water heater is about 45% to 55% between 48% to 58%; The thermal efficiency of flat plate solar water heater is about 5% higher than the all-glass vacuum tube solar water heater. Even in the winter in the South, under the same conditions, the average daily efficiency of flat plate solar water heater is about 4% higher than the all-glass vacuum tube solar water heater. Year, under the same conditions, the plate-type water heater can provide more hot water, even in the cold winter, the use of plate-type water heaters are also able to get good results.
2 is conducive to the use of the circulatory system
Domestic solar water heater using a compact natural circulation system, the characteristics of such a system is to create simple, inexpensive. However, if the terms of weight, ease of use, safety, and operability of the solar water heater, separate forced circulation system to better meet the requirements of the people. The flat-plate collector is generally made of metal, the connection between the collector and the storage tank is used in connecting metal, it can withstand a high water pressure, the sealing performance is also better. The connection between the vacuum tube water heater of the collector tube and the tank are generally sealed with a plastic or rubber, therefore, poor in confined and sealed. Flat-plate solar collectors, heat transfer medium between the collector and the water storage tank heat exchanger Accessibility to flow inside the tank through a heat exchanger to heat water, to complete the system of double circulation it is also the obvious advantage of flat-plate solar water heater. In addition, the flat-plate solar collectors and more mainly copper and aluminum and other metal materials, high utilization of material recycling of their products.
Good pressure performance
Good pressure is a developing trend of solar water heaters. A significant advantage of the flat solar water heaters is to have good confined performance. Flat-plate solar collectors under pressure, long life, easy composition of secondary loop system. Foreign solar water heaters are basically two-loop pressurized sub-structure. Vacuum tube solar water heater is made under pressure sub-structure products, the costs will be significantly higher than the flat type products. Relatively flat-plate solar water heater will be more popular with users.
Composed of a large system stable performance
For large spaces, such as hotels, swimming pool, schools, factories, hospitals and other places, the use of solar water heaters often need to use a lot of solar collectors to form large-scale water supply systems.
The connection between the flat-plate solar collector systems is a metal connection, less affected by the environment, and to ensure the stability of the system as a whole, the good product thermal performance.
Flat-plate solar collectors and hot water system safe and reliable, effective lighting area, high thermal efficiency.
The many advantages of the combination of a flat-plate solar collector, based on fully learn from foreign experience, technological innovation, China has developed with independent intellectual property rights of high-performance selective absorption coating and a new high-performance flat-plate collectors and water heaters. This has a very important significance for the completion of the country's renewable energy planning stage, to achieve our energy reduction target.
Currently, the majority of flat-plate solar water heater market EU standards. The world's most advanced fourth-generation high-efficiency flat-plate solar hot water system can withstand a static load of 1500 kg and 1040 g Ball 0.6-meter-high free fall impact, effective lighting area of ​​the unit is able to improve more than 40% than the vacuum tube solar set thermal efficiency up to 80%, and the life of the vacuum tube pressure product life times.
Flat-plate solar water heaters by optimizing the design of harvesting separate, stand-alone installation of all components, thermal storage tanks can also be hidden in the basement, attic or stairwell solve the problem of the water, aesthetics, and load-bearing, meet the solar building integration requirements, and can be extended to more than 20 kinds of embedded, curtain wall, balcony wall mounted, floor-to-ceiling tiled Gallery Pavilion type and construction programs.
From weak market status quo contrarian development of this series of practical examples can be seen, China's use of solar thermal market development is gradually emerging centralization trend will probably no longer be retail the enterprise sales accounted module engineering market has become popular overseas exports will also become important aspects to make up for the lack of domestic sales in these areas, it is clear the high-performance high-quality flat-plate solar products more than vacuum tube solar products favored. Many solar manufacturing companies also began to be launched this point is the value of the flat-plate items, the birth of a group of professional enterprise for the production of flat-plate solar. Through observation of the market and the development of solar energy companies are expected to change the market environment may be flat solar development ushered in a new opportunity.
Second, the direction of development of the flat-plate solar collectors
The key to the development of flat-plate solar technology innovation, research and development of products to meet consumer demand. Improve the technology and reduce costs, the development of flat-plate solar way out, meet consumer demand for flat-plate solar products need to address four technical issues: cover technology; efficient heat absorber technology; improve insulation and sealing; reduce heat loss of technology; development process equipment, industrial production, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. We need to seriously study the market trends and consumer demand, innovation in product development:
Development balcony wall-mounted flat plate solar. Balcony wall-mounted flat plate solar split installation, convenient construction, inadequate solve the high-rise buildings the roof area; users from the floor limit, suitable for retail marketing; in line with the general trend of solar energy and building integrated, enjoy policy support.
Developing Tablet with condensing gas boiler combination product. It is commonly used in Europe hot water systems to meet the double demand for hot water and heating. China's Yangtze River basin and the cold northern regions have the heating demand of the building, can choose solar water heaters and condensing gas boiler combination system.
This product exists caused by functional composite product differentiation, and successful experience to draw on, to form a segment on the performance with other flat products more suitable for the terminal retail promotion. Tablet condensing gas boiler combination product application form of plug-in, multi-storey and high-rise buildings can choose balcony flat solar and condensing boiler series; the villa or slant buildings choice of flat-panel split solar and condensing gas boilers in parallel, using double coil heat exchanger The tank heating respectively; public, commercial establishments can choose a combination of floor condensing gas boiler with flat-panel solar concentrator system.
Flat-plate collectors for domestic and foreign technology and quality gap, the following measures should be taken to improve the performance and quality of the flat-plate collector:
1) research and development applied to the flat-plate solar collectors selective coating, the coating should have a high absorption rate and low infrared emissivity, excellent heat-humidity weather resistance and suitable processing costs;
2) The widespread adoption of low iron and high transmittance cover glass. Currently there are more than one glass manufacturers began producing low-iron glass for solar collectors, and the gap is getting smaller and smaller glass quality at home and abroad;
3) emphasis on the optimization of the collector design, to improve the manufacturing process, to ensure the rigor of the structure, reducing the heat loss of the collector;
4) The selection set tempered glass cover, as a collector and improve the collector component quality, optimize the structure design, to ensure that the collector can be subjected to anti-hail, rain, air drying, pressure, thermal shock performance test, improve the life of the heater, and reduce system maintenance costs;
5) In order to meet the special requirements of the cold regions, solar heating and air conditioning and industrial heating, development of efficient flat-plate collector. As soon as possible so that the double-cover and transparent honeycomb technology industry, and improve its cost-effective, efficient flat-plate collector with strong market competitiveness;
6) tracking flat-plate collectors abroad advanced technology and processes, and to develop a new type of flat-plate collector solar system, improve the market share of flat-plate collector.
Prospect of three flat-plate solar collectors
Use of the product, as the technology is relatively mature solar thermal solar water heater (system) in the world has been a wide range of applications. It is in reducing conventional energy consumption, has played and continues to play an important role in promoting energy conservation. China has the production capacity of the world's largest solar water heater (system), is the world's largest solar water heater (system) applications market. Now, with the rising world energy prices and the worldwide awareness of environmental protection, in the face of the grim situation of energy saving, China is accelerating the development and use of renewable energy, combined with advances in solar technology and products as well as solar water heaters and building technology the development of solar water heater (system) will continue to maintain a rapid growth momentum.
Has a great advantage in the flat-plate solar collectors and water heaters, solar thermal utilization, especially in response to the world's environment and the completion of energy conservation indicators. With the continuous advancement of society and technology, and building integrated solar flat-plate solar water heater in recent years has made a greater technological progress. The improvement of living standards also allows developers to produce high quality solar water heater products become the future direction of development. With flat-plate solar collectors and water heaters raise the level of the flat-plate solar collectors and water heaters will achieve even greater development, the share of the market is also increasing.
In recent years, the solar water heater in urban engineering market presents the trend of explosive growth, the national rate of 50% year-on-year increase of some companies is to reach 100%. In this context, many of the original main production vacuum tube solar water heater business, have launched a flat-plate solar water heater production line. In the context of energy saving in recent years, all over have introduced solar products put a order. According to incomplete statistics, the country dozens of cities have clearly defined the new buildings to install solar water heaters.
In 2010, the industrial output value of China's building energy efficiency has been close to 30 billion yuan, in 2012 will reach 66.4 billion yuan scale. Solar industry attention, solar energy companies, also intensified competition in the industry in the development and growth when.
In fact, relative to the vacuum tube solar water heater products, flat products more suitable for integration with building more conducive to promoting the development of building integrated. Vacuum tube solar collectors are mainly used in the rural market, but with the deepening of China's urbanization, safe, reliable, efficient, confined, easy and building integration and other advantages of the flat-plate solar collector has been greatly opportunities for development. With China's solar water heater and building integration process continues to accelerate, in recent years, China's flat-plate solar collector technology research and development has also made great progress. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games using a flat-plate solar collector is a German product, the 16th Asian Games held in Guangzhou, the domestic flat-plate collector, run the effect of the Asian Games Organizing Committee commended. With the acceleration of the process of urban development, the flat-plate solar water heater is increasingly favored by the market has become an industry trend.
Recalling the recent years, the development of national solar water heater production enterprises with annual production of vacuum tube water heater year-on-year growth of 15%, according to China's solar thermal industry association data show that in 2010, an increase of 50%; production of flat-plate collector. The second half of 2011 was a period of rapid development of the domestic flat-panel industry, mainly for three things: first, a number of manufacturers of new tablet project; Second, manufacturing technology continues to improve; Third, rapid advance of technology research and development. Recent positive trend in the flat-plate solar market, in fact, because of the rapid rise in the city market began, vacuum tube solar aspect of the rural market in the 80% to 90% of the market may appear obvious, but in the urban market for solar water heaters, flat type solar there is obviously a good performance.
"Twelfth Five-Year" period, the Government has proposed a number of targeted measures on energy conservation, development of clean energy, renewable energy, and effort to develop solar and other low-carbon carbon-free energy.
Throughout the application of solar energy, the more economically developed cities, the solar energy utilization talks. Mainly used in urban and rural areas, good frost resistance, low prices and a casual install vacuum tube solar collector vacuum tube collector has been a great development. However, with the deepening of China's urbanization, especially China is a the urban residential high-rise of vacuum tube collectors have been difficult to meet the safety requirements of building integrated solar energy and beautiful, this solar high-rise buildings in the city, how to apply the proposed new the subject of how to solve the system integration has become a top priority to ensure that users' needs.
With the increasing attention of the national building energy efficiency, the Ministry of Construction has issued a renewable energy city demonstration green building labeling assessment measures the solar maximum potential as building energy efficiency will be greater development and use of flat-plate collector has safe, efficient, pressure, easy with the advantage of building integrated a lot of development opportunities to the development of the flat-plate solar collectors, flat-plate collectors can be embedded in a high-rise building, wall-mounted, Sunvisor, floor, etc. a variety of ways and architectural integration, the use of split pressurized the Antifreeze secondary circulation operation to ensure that the beautiful and safe operation of solar energy and building integration. With the improvement of the national standard of living, more and more users are offered a flat-plate collector requirements, the production of flat-plate collector manufacturers are also increasing rapidly, which also reflects the flat-plate collector particularly suitable for applications in urban housing, with good prospects for development. 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, the venues after the Olympics Games and the Asian Games Village, on the use of a flat-plate solar water heater products, and the 2008 Olympic Games is the flat-plate solar water heaters in Germany, indicating that the domestic technological innovation recent years by leaps and bounds and made a lot of progress.
Plate solar collector can not only be used as a water heater, can also be developed in the process on the basis of a new collector products, such as the use of highly efficient selective coating, optimized fin structure and the development of efficient air flow channel air collector air collector can be used for active and passive heating and industrial and agricultural drying has broad application prospects compared with the evacuated air collector plate has the advantages of low flow resistance, high efficiency, easy installation, reliable operation; Similarly, in the flat-plate collector based on the use of laser welding the overall lamination process can develop PV solar thermal comprehensive utilization of the product, such as solar water heaters, photovoltaic, heat pumps, solar direct evaporative heat pump and so on.
Solar hot water preparation is just the most primary mode of application of solar energy, solar heating heating, drying, power generation, natural and artificial lighting, cooling and their industrial applications will become more widespread, with the national renewable energy applications, the promotion of green building, renewable energy the deepening of model cities and other measures, the flat-plate collectors will surely be a unique advantage of rapid development.
Vacuum tube solar energy in the last century, the various objective environment and under the conditions of rapid development, the various types of vacuum tube technology by leaps and bounds, and and eventually occupy China's solar thermal utilization of more than 90% of the market share, and the consumer has been in two main and tertiary markets terminal. In recent years, with the national policy as well as a number of subsidies for the introduction of mandatory installation of solar water heaters, accounting for around a market of solar sales relative increase urban and rural areas with both hands as the inevitable direction of enterprise sales. With the development of the new rural construction, many villages began to develop the land to build a modern district, follow the example of the city, the real estate developers in order to enhance the competitiveness of unified installation of solar water heater works, so the decline in retail market share of solar water heaters, solar water heaters engineering and solar architecture The integration is becoming the focus of the solar water heater sales; At the same time, the local governments to strengthen the pace of urban construction, and constantly improve people's living environment, many public facilities would choose a solar water heater. Enterprises accounted for most of the new residential developers have long been seen as the solar water heater is part of the construction of their own real estate, so that, from rural to urban areas, the solar water heater market is particularly important engineering almost become a highlight. Thus, the various types of solar water heater works in the domestic environment seems has become the share of enterprises compete.
Recalling the course of development of the 20-year solar, occupy a huge share of the market for a long period of time, the vacuum tube solar water heater. In recent years, with the large-scale urban construction, the rise of high-rise buildings, vacuum tube solar applicability subject to certain restrictions. At the same time, strong pressure highlights the ease of implementation combining the advantages of solar energy and building integration, flat-plate solar energy more and more welcomed by the majority of users in the market. In fact, relative to the vacuum tube solar water heater products, flat products more suitable for integration with building more conducive to promoting the development of building integrated.
According to "China's solar thermal industry associations, the 2010 data show that the solar water heater manufacturers last year produced vacuum tube water heater up 15%; production of flat-plate collector is an increase of 50%. Usher in greater development the market prospects boot and the strong support of all levels of government policy, the flat-plate solar market. In 2008 and 2009, the flat-plate solar water heater annual rate of 46%, 35%, vacuum tubes, flat-plate solar water heater in 2010, 50% annual increments, render faster than vacuum tube solar growth momentum in the solar thermal industry. In the second half of 2011, a period of rapid development of the domestic flat-panel industry.

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