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Intelligent LED system design of solar street lamps

Solar energy is the most direct the most common and most of clean energy, solar energy as the one kind of huge amount of renewable energy. With the increasingly traditional energy shortage, the application of solar energy will more and more widely, especially in solar power field short years time has become mature sunrise industry.

At present, the road lighting of the lighting of power consumption of the 25% ~ 30%, and therefore road lighting has great potential energy and space. At present the road lighting use most is a high pressure, light, the light source there show color sex differences, start time long, power consumption, high calorific value big shortcomings,solar water heater need to develop new and more fuel-efficient road lighting light source.

High power LED is high photosynthetic efficiency at home and abroad in recent years the rapid development of new light up, it has high efficiency quartile (90 lmPW (1 WLED)), long service life (30000 ~ 50000 h), shock resistance is not easy to damage, instantaneous start, pollution-free advantages. White LED lighting is common and road lighting ideal light source. Solar street lamps has many advantages: safety, convenient in maintenance, Don't need conventional energy, polluting the environment; According to the need to install, everywhere can without connect to public power grid. Therefore, the development of LED street lamp has important significance of energy saving. Based on the original solar street lamps system based on the proposed and developed a new type of intelligent LED solar street lamps system.

Solar street lamps system by the following parts: the solar panels, boost circuit module, and the controller module, Zigbee communication module, storage battery group, LED light source.

The system of basic working principle: under the control of the controller in solar, solar panels during the day after two road booster circuit (12 V to 42 V) to the storage battery charging group, night to provide power battery pack LED light load. In the control module, realize the booster circuit, storage battery voltage,solar collector temperature, LED DengZu temperature, panels real-time control of the voltage, and through the analog switch data collection to realize to the street lamp feedback PIC the intelligent control system. And Zigbee module for street lamp system provides the network reliable technical support.

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