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Solar pv industry: why melancholy only reform

In early 2012, once someone has to make such judgments and flies. In fact, claim that it is but, throughout 2011 domestic and foreign economic environment is very complex, has been in high speed expansion of real estate industry development, because the government's macro control, recent price dropped, but it also brought related economic environment of stability, wenzhou, zhejiang businessmen like the "run road", it proves that a bit. For the people's livelihood prices soaring, let the life that occupy the home has been in ordinary people increasingly feel the pressure of the life.

For corporations, the rise in prices, the increase of labor cost, operating environment of uncertainty, make some enterprises are facing a lot of pressure. 2011 years of year end, some enterprise has passed so difficult, especially when asked about a sales, most were repeatedly shook his head. At the end of the most difficult of bill is also has always been, a small businesses said the boss, in past years, about general in the year of the 2056 will settlement,solar heater and this year it came to 2089, some even in the New Year's eve are not in place. In this case, how to take a more active, more optimistic attitude to deal with in 2012, may be a lot of enterprise, also is the solar energy enterprise the problem faced.

In a pragmatic attitude to face the transformation of the industry

Since 2011, a lot of solar photovoltaic enterprise all from the subconscious feeling great changes in the industry, like the original good time of a pile seems to be gone forever. A lot of enterprise and the dealer or from the largest feeling of market competition, consumers are becoming more and more astute, the price war is more and more severe. In this case, some enterprise and dealers cannot resist the external pressures, the transformation in succession, and some even abandoned the solar energy industry, working as other business. Zhejiang haining area as the enterprise, and a third of alleged enterprise has a career change. Also, some dealers suffer from the pressure of the competition, have been looking for better project, a dealer from anhui province, and home solar water heater installation by sales began to engineering machine agent sales.

Solar thermal utilization industry changes, is the necessity of the development of industry, any industry can experience a spiral development process. In the process of development, always have some enterprise and individual can't keep up with the development of the industry are left behind, or leave the industry. So, in the present situation, our enterprise and dealers should be more pragmatic more to the future development of mind to actively respond to.

The so-called pragmatic, is really down-to-earth from enterprise long-term interests on, not from the eyes of interests, or for immediate interests betray the future. If a few years ago, solar energyonly on some machines, several business personnel, can put solar energy water heater sales go out, so, now, even if you put all your energy use, can achieve a few years ago BaoFaShi market growth. In the market outbreak period time, as long as there's a product to sell out. In the present market is stable, between enterprise spell more is actual strength, one of the core or enterprises in technological innovation, culture shaping the two aspects.

The market continues to cover up the industry technology lack outbreak shake

Solar thermal utilization in the development of the industry for over 20 years time, upgrade technology has been concerned by enterprises unchanged subject. But, due to technical follow-up, innovation and even beyond the needs of enterprise continuously devotion process, so the real concern from the heart of the technology reform is not many enterprises, or want to focus on the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. Like solar energy water heater so many in the last years, although some enterprise are put forward a year many of the technical innovation, but most of them are major small leather, and no substantial big technology progress. For many years, this kind of dominant of regret and not hindered the development of the industry steps. The main reason, or from solar energy market of the outbreak.

Like a few years ago, most of the enterprise in the recruitment, general are focused on the marketing personnel's recruitment, even at daughter for enterprise employed to marketing director and senior representatives. And in the last year, like engineering, process especially technical personnel, to become the enterprise fight between the "sweet the fair, some enterprise even ran to Beijing some solar enterprise rob highly-educated technical talents, this also reflected from the side for technology talents for the industry. Or, in the solar thermal utilization industry development bottleneck in today, from a technical barriers as the first choice of enterprise breakthrough.

Rob future solar energy market

Now, markets have been persecuted enterprise have to make important decision, in 2011, in the industry frequent emergence of hot term is "in high temperature," "project," "hot power generation", "heating", a "flat" and "with more energy use," and so on, from time to time to a slim the development of solar energy industry has brought waves of hope. In the 2011 years of enterprise annual meeting, some solar enterprise will upgrade technology as the company's important agenda, like TaiYangYu and form the solar energy expert, invited from different areas and different professional experts and scholars, and even invited to the solar energy "vacuum" the father of YanZhiJiang as the company's chief expert. The emperor bright, launched at the annual meeting of the solar industry "MEPAD", again leading the industry high-end technology. And like many small and medium enterprise has introduced a series of technical innovation, whether this new product is to quickly pulled the market, or enterprise product selling point, after all is for the product technical innovation and improvement. In the solar energy industry upgrade technology, the various areas of the market and technology which have not been "overlord", in this time, who takes the lead in a head start, will lay in the future market position and orientation.

Competition between enterprises is just getting started

In 2012, is perhaps the watershed of the industry, and by the so-called speculative win the interests of a time perhaps already scenery is not. Industry insiders said that at present the flat solar project in guangdong and put 1.5 billion, 800 mu production base has the new appearance, and the German technical cooperation also entered the essence stage. And guangdong midea group although into the solar industry for a long time, but hesitated to send force, now it is said that want to enter the solar energy industry at lower cost. Perhaps this will be lifted the other a solar industry reshuffle of the war. But on February 15 securities times reported, TaiYangYu company start by China securities regulatory commission for FaShenWei through audit. This issue to 100 million shares, after issuance of total equity 400 million shares, to ShangJiaoSuo listed. Once upon a time a few years of the emperor bright, SangLe and so on various big solar enterprise's move to the two years SangXia, the emperor bright and TaiYangYu substantial capital operation listed. Many people can from these events smell a "coming events cast their shadows before" taste, between enterprise substantial compete for maybe is just getting started.

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