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Chinese solar industry and market

To realize the solar energy to the main energy from added, must reduce cost, and therefore need to rely on technology progress and the scale of the application. At present our country solar industry and market the problems and needs of the following:

1, solar silicon and key supporting materials
Our country with independent intellectual property rights of the large-scale polysilicon production process development and equipment manufacturing is still in the initial stage, the production cost, the quality of products, and comprehensive utilization and the advanced international level still exists significant difference between.

Our country solar cell industry development of key supporting materials is relatively backward, and some key supporting materials, such as silver pulp, silver aluminum pulp materials, TPT backplane materials, EVA encapsulation materials also large dependence on imports, must accelerate technology research and development, solar heaterimproving quality, and realize the key of the supporting materials localization, further reduce solar cell production cost.

2, the sun battery
Crystalline silicon efficient battery, international commercial efficiency in developed countries has reached over 20%, our country still blank; Film battery, amorphous silicon/microcrystalline silicon battery and international laminated has difference, the industrialization of international has the cadmium film and tellurium copper indium gallium selenium film battery, in China is still no commercial production line; The new battery still does not have the international the industrialization of silicon/film has crystalline silicon heterojunction battery, the battery, flexible battery focusing at high magnification,solar energy the pilot and production technology, DSSC also need to practical product development. In the full spectrum battery, black silicon frontier technologies such as study, also with the international level there exist certain disparity.

3, production equipment
Crystalline silicon cells of the key production equipment performance and the advanced international level there is gap, complete production line automation level is low; The key equipment and thin film cells line is mainly rely on imports. The localization of the whole line of integrated solutions.

4, photovoltaic system
In large grid photovoltaic power station, and photovoltaic micro nets, regional building photovoltaic system and pv dc grid system using design integrated photovoltaic large-scale, key equipment, power prediction and grid technology and foreign advanced technology level have certain disparity, comprehensive utilization still lack experience.

5, the solar energy light heat utilization
Our country does not have commercial operation of solar thermal power station, lack of system design ability and integration technology, high temperature, absorption and store hot focusing technology not mature. Regional solar building heating technology, solar temperature, technology and industry in our country still for energy saving application blank.

6, testing and platform
Our country in the standard battery measurement, battery, component test need further perfect, the system simulation and test technical ability just start, large inverter research test and outdoor empirical research test demonstration base is still blank.


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