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Photovoltaic 1025 aim power production kingdom new energy moving

Over the past ten years is the rapid growth in 10 years of photovoltaic, China is the rapid rise of photovoltaic industry. Pay attention to this country is a new strategic industry development, come on stage "1025" energy plan to develop mentioned in the pv-tech application. As the largest Asian power production kingdom, tianbao group has announced that it will expand product line, the production photovoltaic inverter, participate in the new energy. To ensure the new investment of the industry is always in the technology industry leading position, tianbao group with the Chinese academy of sciences respectively in guangzhou branch, hefei university of technology, zhongshan university and the Hong Kong university of science and technology and scientific research institutions four signed the combination of strategic alliance agreement, reached a series of cooperation.

Photovoltaic industry "1025" the goal set to open vast market

As a strategic new industry,solar heater pv industry development has been the focus of fostering policy. The second half of last year our pv industry suffered after winter, China's dense issued a number of measures, for photovoltaic industry "urgently needed".

Last August, the national development and reform commission regulations, July 1, 2011 approved before construction, December 31, 2011 are put into operation solar power projects the power per kilowatt hour for unity 1.15 yuan. In addition, national energy board two successive raised photovoltaic "1025" power-generation goal, planning to the end of 2015 to 15 million kw, and to set goals for last year 5 million kilowatts; Workers believe department comment, will promote BIPV () the development of technology, support the establishment of BIPV system; The ministry of finance and the state development and reform commission, national energy board to establish the renewable energy development fund imposes use interim measures for the administration of, will renewable energy price from 4 to additional the collection standard per KWH adjustment to 8 to. These measures by the personage inside course of study thinks is photovoltaic industry of big gains.

In addition, the workers believe department released last month the solar pv industry "1025" development planning ", pointed out that our country will support 1025 planning photovoltaic backbone enterprise do best and stronger, and strive to 2015 leading enterprise to achieve 5 DWT polysilicon, a key enterprise of reached the level, pv module cost decreased to 7000 yuan/kw, generating cost down to 0.8 yuan per KWH.

Have expert analysis, the domestic pv industry needs to supply domestic policy support open market. Xiamen university Chinese energy, director of the center for economic research LinBoJiang has said: "overseas market volatility is too strong, and not enough to support pv industry development. The Chinese market of mass start will be domestic pv enterprise out of the difficult position, is now an important rely on an important opportunity."

Grid technology to make up the standard in the first half power production kingdom fought pv industry

According to the previous media reports, the report couplet additionally by taking the lead, China electrical science institute of electrical science priorities and related units in the writing more than 40 photovoltaic (pv) grid key technical standard for 10 many standard form drafts, remaining nearly 30 item also has formed the draft. Standard working group plan, the first half of this year to complete the above many photovoltaic standard writing, in order to construct the main standard photovoltaic (pv) grid key frame. This personage introduction, the standards are considering electricity side, power station, photovoltaic roof and so on various demand, if the smooth implementation will release effective thrusting photovoltaic (pv) grid.

Photovoltaic (pv) grid standard of photovoltaic power station power quality put forward new requirements, the personage inside course of study thinks, the standard for power stations and photovoltaic inverter great influence, or to photovoltaic inverter industry upgrade, on photovoltaic inverter production company to form the positive news.

Tianbao group has announced, will expand product production line production photovoltaic inverter. Tianbao group is the largest manufacturer of state power, one of the energy saving and emission reduction in global advocate big tendency, the group's task social responsibility, quick start groups strategic reform, determined the group in the next five years of investment strategy--solar photovoltaic inverter. And in guangdong huizhou day established energy inverter technology Co., LTD, focus on solar photovoltaic inverter of research and development, design, production and sales,solar energy aims to provide the most excellent new energy products and services.

Day energy photovoltaic solar power inverter adopts the world famous brand of the core device, the island operation control electrical isolation, at present already through the gold sun authentication. With 32 years of power supply technical precipitation and nearly a senior research engineer team, lead to the global research and development and the production photovoltaic inverter, day energy is fast becoming the photovoltaic inverter global famous manufacturer.

The expert points out, in energy conservation and emission reduction in an increasingly important today, new energy development is the trend of The Times. Tianbao group fought pv industry, is both at home and abroad to cater to the development needs, also based on his advantage, to improve our product quality related pv is important. To "focus on renewable energy continuous development, provide green efficient power" as the mission of the day energy will be followed "touched customers, abide by integrity, innovation, the eternal task responsibility" values, become the leading international and have a first-class brand of creative power group.

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