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Solar pv long-term contract lawsuit not ruled out please looming government help

Solar pv industry by demand of influence, many companies and to sign a long-term contract in accordance with the past to pull a wagon, recent market out of the optimal factory did not rule out the mention accuse to demand the enforcement, Taiwan is forced to draw up the common response to the court countermeasures, lawsuit war seems imminent, operator also revealed not ruled out future mutatis mutandis memory or LCD industries, please government help.

In recent years by the European governments to cut subsidies under solar photovoltaic effects, resulting in signing a long-term contract past high silicon chip, such as cell factory downstream industry, because of cost, selling price, capacity utilization and cannot abysmal failure, some recent sets is facing Asiatic plant cell factory stress material taking performance, otherwise don't rule out carry against.

Taiwan is cell factory points out, the relevant jointly plan should come together in judgment, because solar pv industry in recent years fluctuation is great, because each other in the world has contract suit is not the first, in 2009, including Germany and the United States Conergy MEMC; Norway REC and China's domestic China sunergy etc, many with an out-of-court settlement last adjustment, the possible case, would not be finalized immediately who wins or loses,solar heater lawsuit at least a few years, when pv industry and may have great changes.

Because Taiwan itself polysilicon homemade proportion is extremely low, past sign when material, Taiwan solar photovoltaic industry chain international market to sign contract many long-term material sources, the Europe on Taiwan the possibility of optimal contract lawsuit, let Taiwan and unity of industry, to future is not ruled out past memory or LCD mutatis mutandis industries, please government support to help them. Even though most of the companies also understand, legal perspective, the contract the seller account for most of the best advantage.

Because Taiwan's many solar energy factory has a long-term contract, if the material sources for the one against mutatis mutandis ask, ask a department factory the performance, in this already face high loss of Taiwan solar plant could suffer, the future of Taiwan solar photovoltaic industry chain forced out, I'm afraid, I'm afraid the government can't watch from the sidelines.

Participate in the solar energy factory raise lawsuit, solar energysaid solar photovoltaic immediate environment challenge big, for most operator speaking, most of the energy is still with whole heart into looking for any chances of survival, for material sources of the litigation case problem can only be passive waiting for the other party to make moves, then do coping strategies.

Because solar pv industry market not beautiful, cost competitiveness relatively weak Asiatic plant recent facing bankruptcy boom, including German solar Cells giant Cells, Germany 1 Q-big system integration factory phoenixsolar etc, all out of bankruptcy, sign a long-term contract for past the Asiatic plant for, a long-term contract is also part of the assets, in existence threatened, these European factory in order to shareholders is responsible, forced to perform the contract, to court strategy can understand nature.

Solar energy factory points out, it is reported that in 2011 the Asiatic plant that is strong calls for the contract customers must the performance, but for most customers face pressure, unable to carry material loss, so forced the ineffective, and in 2012 the Asiatic plant is no longer do extra communication, direct TiaoMing don't mention the performance that is against.

Taiwan is solar photovoltaic cell factory including MAO di, yu jing, new the sun, and rise YangKe, tai chi, eton, etc, the Asiatic plant mention against objects to part of the machine is a line solar energy factory is given priority to, the market that is primarily these companies hand still has certain order, even though these companies most is still losing money in selling.


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