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Industrial upgrading form Chinese solar thermal utilization mode

Chinese solar thermal utilization into country not only to the country of project, also widely and architectural combination of a main technology of building energy efficiency. So in China, solar thermal utilization in 30 years how industry by the grass roots into the mainstream of the society of the industry?

As a new industry, and household electric appliance, auto, and IT industry is different, have no ready-made examples can use, without reference to outside, and no introduction of the conditions, the solar thermal utilization industry with the employees of the their diligence and wisdom, created the solar energy water heater industry products, production equipment, technology and marketing promotion mode, independent produced a group from professional personnel, and opened a national industry independent intellectual property rights system and the world's largest solar water heater production and sales market.

The progress of science and technology, improve product quality, solar heaterapplication field expansion

Round-the-clock type intelligent solar energy water heater rapid development, 40% above; Solar energy heating demonstration projects of progress; Double loop balcony hanging system development application effect is obvious; Flat type collector technology and equipment at or near the international level. Such as nanchang university built 2700 ㎡ large-scale solar swimming heating system; Cows factory, raising pigs breeding areas such as plant also has a certain number of solar hot water application; Zhejiang xiaoshan dye factory 15000 square meters of industrial use hot water engineering, developed a solar hot water engineering remote control system, etc. To promote the progress of science and technology to improve product quality, expands the application fields.

Industrial production mode basic formation

Suitable for China's solar energy product manufacturing the truth of modernization, automation, industrial production equipment, technology constantly. With the large mainstay enterprise new more large-scale production base built, these modern industrial production equipment to a wide range of applications. As a result, the Chinese solar energy water heater industrialized production mode basic forming, a few large enterprise solar water heater production line also exported to abroad.

Adjust the industrial structure, perfect supporting system

Along with the industry to the strengthening of the market as the guidance, the product structure also get the greater adjustment. Especially flat collector to expand the market faster growth, many large enterprise development and introduced a flat collector products. Some enterprise will the company positioning in professional flat collector to suppliers. Flat and vacuum tubes collectors than change, industrial and agricultural application of solar energy heating, brings the industrial structure adjustment, the more suitable for China's solar thermal utilization market tends to structure of the market environment, but also increased solar thermal utilization of the nation's comprehensive industry strength.

Solar thermal utilization production reasonable adjustment, solar energyfrom supporting materials, spare parts spare parts and modern equipment supply form the relatively rich perfect industrial manufacturing chain system. From other research and development, manufacture, sale to market service also formed the operation service chain system, always the employment of 3 million people or more, for the industry take off two provide strong guarantee.

The establishment of a modern enterprise system

Many enterprises gradually establish a modern enterprise system, the implementation of modern enterprise management. A group of professional managers emerging, the entrepreneurs of dozens of enterprise by direct managers as investors back, the chairman, President and CEO, began to property rights and the right of management separation two rights transformation. Such as the emperor bright, from linuo rhett, TaiYangYu group, SangXia company, etc. Large and medium-sized enterprise's information management, scientific management is being widely used in common to ISO9000 certification, ERP, lean production and other modern management tools and method has more applications, improve efficiency, enterprise operation flow reengineering and management costs fell become backbone to the development trend of the enterprise, the scale benefits in modern management began to reflect.

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