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2012 Beijing international energy conservation and environmental protection exhibition solar new rule to borrow the strength

In March 2012, Beijing issued "Beijing solar water heating system town construction application management method". According to the regulation, newly built, rebuilt project construction unit, design units shall, in accordance with the national standards and the Beijing local standards requirements for solar water heating system design. Solar hot water system architecture of the application of technical and economic indexes and design installation requirements into this city local standards, an important index and requirements as a mandatory terms. Without authorization to cancel the solar water heating system construction project, shall be ordered to make rectification within a time limit.

The new rules in the March 1 st, this major news release, solar heateronce again, the exciting solar thermal utilization industry manufacturers of nerve, it can not only promote the development of the industry, the excellent enterprise in the industry than a component of a market opportunity. The mandatory policy appearing, after a fairly strict reasoning, development and reform commission, build appoint, rules committee organized multiple seminar etc ministries, the industry of the few of the enterprise also have involved.

Enterprise how to use their own strength, how to borrows the various resources all aspects by approved, is the enterprise can open the market of Beijing the key.

Will be held in June 2012, the "2012 Beijing international energy conservation and environmental protection exhibition" will become a rally various resources of good vehicle. Beijing international energy conservation and environmental protection to unfold, by the national development and reform commission, the Beijing municipal government, host, is held once every two years, is the present domestic level, the highest of the chinese-language exhibition of saving energy and environmental protection. All by the central government shows great attention, the political leadership, the Beijing leadership will came to the spot. The exhibition more get the attention of the municipal government, new energy galleries has determined to be leadership focus on areas. When the Beijing compulsory during the new solar installation, therefore, 2012 Beijing international energy conservation and environmental protection exhibition, and will become the focus of attention of the many media. This exhibition will be the excellent enterprise in the industry to lead from close range and public comprehensive display the best platform for the enterprise strength, opportunity is rare.

Different from the previous traditional exhibition, this new energy exhibition solar galleries have three characters: a, outstanding industry whole development energy In the event the audience to a comprehensive understanding of the solar energy industries to contribution to the national economy, display industry development height, so as to win the leadership and the public's further approval; Second, the high-quality goods booth outstanding outstanding enterprise. The innovation of traditional exhibition mode, the booth arrangement only 13 seats, and invited industry outstanding in the exhibition. This will not only make the audience closer into, and about the solar industry of excellent enterprise, still can make the enterprise have all become exhibition of each protagonist; Third, pay attention to the exhibition subsequent docking. The organizing committee will continue after the exhibition in the form of electronic magazine for exhibitors dynamic tracking spread, and transmitted directly related ministries, design institute and the real estate business leaders, to the traditional mode of transmission to reform the innovation, to improve the core enterprise value.

At present, the organizer committee has been in an orderly way to carry out comprehensive excellent enterprise in the industry of exhibition invited work, hope was invited to enterprises to actively participate.


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