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Solar thermal utilization into the technology innovation professional era

2012 will be thermal utilization industry starts to happen disruptive change of the year. In this year, the solar energy industry will toward technology innovation professional era, and begin to build solar energy water heater of the new system.

Chinese solar thermal utilization industry association secretary-general HuoZhiChen think, solar energy water heater product homogeneity, diversified from solar thermal utilization industry the development trend of the said, specific to enterprise for, or under the background of diversified professional technology. In a certain sense, the 2012 is first solar professional development. Any industry can in the rat race derived industry professional brand, the solar energy water heater enterprise will constantly adjust their own place, make solar thermal utilization industry into technology-orientation era.

HuoZhiChen secretary general, said 2012 years solar market will warm up, some determine his of the development strategy of the enterprise, such as the emperor bright, Peking University is yuan, solar heaterTaiYangYu, SangLe, from linuo rhett, temple, tsinghua sunshine solar enterprise, will pay more attention to the development of the market, and at all levels and the Angle on begin, looking for the strategy of "presentation. In 2012, the enterprise will be more from real estate business and strategic cooperation, real estate planning process of the solar energy product placement, water heater products of the factory building modular, water heater BOT cooperation pattern, or even water heater of energy contract management mode and so on various on exploring, seek the road of the "presentation city market.

HuoZhiChen secretary-general thinks,solar energy industry reshuffle quickly, will in the products of technology innovation has significant reflect, under the pressure of competition from the more of the enterprise, the whole industry is facing a huge pressure technology innovation, constantly make the existing enterprise have to face not attach importance to quality system before construction, and in technology innovation, and building and the more reasonable on the combination of new exploration.

HuoZhiChen secretary-general said, based on current market conditions look, Beijing party yuan high-tech technology Co., LTD. Is its Beijing university is yuan made more successful solar step. The unusual thing product appearance and building the perfect combination, improving the quality of the products, free maintenance designs, for the solar industry further technical innovation, and laid a good foundation.

2012 will become the solar industry reshaping the forerunner of quality system construction in a year on this issue of exploration and practice, the decision to the future of the company. The solar energy water heater enterprises should actively, common to meet solar thermal utilization industry the arrival of the era of technology innovation.


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