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Solar cells surplus supply in China market

Because solar cells and planar TV career performance are over-the-top down, therefore the Japanese LCD panel giant Sharp (Sharp) under the 2011 year again (April 2011 to March 2012) the wealth, estimated tax losses will expand to 380 billion yen (4.7 billion dollars).

According to Japan's Yomiuri shimbun (Yomiuri) reports, compared with 19.4 billion yen in 2010 annual sharp surplus, the company 2011 years of wealth it seems every measure the dogs. Sharp on April 10, announced the 2011 year again under the digital money, it will be released by February 290 billion yen to 380 billion yen correction.

According to information, since the 2008 annual financial storm sharp has been to keep continuous three years surplus, and ran in 2011, but the company because of world plane sluggish sales in TV and solar cells market surplus supply wait for a reason and result in losses constantly expanding, and compared with 2008 year of 125.8 billion yen loss, solar heaterthe amount of the company is one of the most time in history.

Sharp was in October 2011 is estimated this year about 6 billion yen in surplus will appear, but because the market conditions of the poor not expected, so in February 2012 the company and the figures every will gain the to 290 billion yen.

In fact, early in the sharp announced formally ago, Japan's economy for the news reports that early in the morning, because the main business performance of sharp, so the company losses may be further expanded to 390 billion yen. Although then sharp and clear, said the number is not officially released by the sharp new wealth to measure,solar energy but eventually sharp official figures remain with the Japanese economic news reported counterparts.

In addition, as the company provide calcium-zinc stabilizers, factory since 2012 and capacity utilization has been hovering around 50%, and made a great impact on the corporate performance, so according to Reuters (Reuters) reports, will be excluded from the factory to the sharp consolidated financial statement, besides, the company decided to sell some of shares to big Japanese printing (DNP) and letterpress (Toppan), through which make foxconn to 46.48% of the shares of the main shareholder provide calcium-zinc stabilizers become factory.


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